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Radio Hire

Short term radio hire :: From £3.50 ex vat per week per radio

Short term radio hire is ideal if you're running or hosting an event and want to have solid fast comms. Two-way radios give you the ability to make instant one to one, one to many or one to all calls. At the push of a button you can speak with all members of the team wherever they are on site. As well as giving you controlled communications between key members of staff radios can also help with health and safety during an event. If either a member of the public or member of staff get injured or just need urgent assistance radios allow you to alert the correct person within seconds. No scrolling through a phone book or worry of bad mobile phone coverage. With two-way radios you control the network. Both analogue and digital radios are available, same day & next day delivery. Get a quote below.

Long term radio hire :: contact us for a bespoke quotation

If you need to hire for 6months+ then long term radio hire is for you. Hiring radios instead of buying is a great way to help cashflow. Why fork out hundreds if not thousands of pounds in one go when you can pay a small monthly bill over a sensible period? One of the main benefits to long term hire is the two-way radios are fully maintained by us throughout the hire term. So any breakdowns, faults, failures apart from accidental damage are covered by us. We only hire out the best grade to save on any breakdowns. You do not own the radios at the end of the term but do get the option to renew the hire with upgraded or newer radios. So you always pay the same price but get great kit, time after time. As rates vary depend on amount of radios and hire period please use the form below to get a immediate quotation based on your exact requirements.

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