Commercial grade UHF colinear base station antenna. Comes with galvenised 2" mast brackets.


Made to last, this colinear is what we use for proffessional PMR installations. Super robust and hardy, put it up right and forget about it for years. 


All our RWC antennas are custom made to order. Each antenna is hand tested for SWR and power rating. Please be aware RWC antennas take 1-3business days to arrive due to the fact they are made to order. This enables us to keep the quality super high! If you want to work DX trust Radio Warehouse RWC antennas to give you the best chance.


Frequency 440-450mhz  
Polarity Vertical
Gain 5 dbi 
VSWR 1.3: 1 
Connector N-type
Power 35 watts
Impedance 50 ohms

Radio Warehouse RWCCOUHF colinear 440-450mhz base station antenna