Posibily the best value Digital two-way radio currently on the market. Now with 5-year radio body warranty!


If you use the Hytera PD-405, PD-505, BD-505 this is a fantastic alternative with the same features if not more but loads cheaper. We have done side by side comparisons against the popular entry level DMR radios from Hytera and Motorola and this stands its ground.


The PR-595 is made for the entry level DMR Digital radio user with price in mind. 

With battery life in the mind the PR-595 is 45% more efficient than test against analogue radios, meaning you can run this for a staggering 24 minimum off a single charge.


Using Pumaradio SoundPRO DSP and digital noice cancelling technology the PR-595 delivers crystal clear audio and reduces background noise as standard, giving you the best, most clear communications for your money. We've yet to find a radio that offers this technology at such a low price.


With the addition of the Pumaradio SetupCall software you can run any old analogue radios side by side with this Digital radio making upgrading an old anagloue system an easy task. Once all old radios have been upgraded to the PR-595 they can be switched to fully digital using the Pumaradio SetupCall software.


Pumaradio FastCall is built in to the PR-595, this allows a user to make a direct one-to-one call straight to another user, privately with no interference! We can set up the FastCall system for you and you can also make changes to the system yourself using the Pumaradio SetupCall manager software.


At this price you wouldn't expect any more features right? Wrong, the PR-595 comes with a Digital emergency signalling system Pumaradio AlarmCall. AlarmCall allows you, at the push of a button, to send an emergency alert to other radios in range letting them know you're in toruble.


Each radio comes with both a long flexible whip antenna and a short stubby antenna, so you can choose which is more suitable for your users. We challenge you to find a better value digital radio for this money which comes with a 5-year body warranty as standard.


Dont worry about setting them up too, we will do all that for you before sending, talk to us to find out more about how this amazing radio can work for you.

Pumaradio PR-595

£179.00 Regular Price
£129.00Sale Price