PR-446 - The affordable choice


Two radios, both with 2000mAh li-ion batteries, die-cast aluminium casings, twin charger pods, earpieces and belt clips. This licence free PMR446 twin pack is hard to beat.


Take a look at other twin packs of radios around this price range, please do a comparison. For your money you'll usually get a plastic radio that'll break when dropped, NiMH batteries that won't last very long before they lose their capacity (the old battery memory effect) and 1 year limited warranty.


The PR-446 twin pack comes with a 2 year warranty, full product support, Pumaradio SetupCall software, DSP audio processing and earpieces as standard.


For use on small sites and for recreational purposes, the PR-446 is licence free, it gives a full 0.5watt output power and up to 12km coverage depending on terrain.


This is not to be compared with the coverage of its bigger brother the licensed Pumaradio PR-350LF which is nearly 10 times as powerful. The PR-446 is aimed at the occassional radio user or small business wanting to improve on site communications without breaking the bank.

Pumaradio PR-446 Twin Pack

£110.00 Regular Price
£80.00Sale Price