The TK-3501 is a license-free PMR446 UHF transceiver. The ready-to-use package contains the transceiver, a rechargeable battery, battery charger and belt clip.


The lightweight TK-3501 is just 25.5mm* thick and its perfectly in the palm of your hand. Equipped with the standard KNB-63L battery, it weighs in at only 210g. Drawing on Kenwood’s expertise as an audio specialist, the TK-3501 offers crisp, clear audio resulting in dependable communications even in harsh operating conditions. The BTL audio amplifier combined with the large internal speaker delivers 1.5W speaker output and reliable audio even in noisy environments.

Kenwood TK-3501 / TK-3501T

£139.00 Regular Price
£99.00Sale Price
    • User-friendly with no need for a license
    • Thin and lightweight
    • Wide talk range
    • High-quality audio, powerful output
    • 16 channels PMR446 8 frequencies 16ch (tones)
    • Power-saving design = longer operation
    • Self programming
    • IP54 and US MIL-STD standard- compliant