Two-way radios and walkie talkie systems for hotels

Which radio is best for use in a hotel?

Two-way radios for hotels have to be reliable, robust and portable. If you're going to be carrying a radio all day you don't want anything too big and bulky. As well as durability radios for hotels must have good coverage, most hotels have multiple floors, therefore the radios you pick for your hotel must give full top to bottom coverage. Radio Warehouse are experts as designing walkie talkie systems for hotels. We understand the radios need to last all day and when you push that button you need to know your call is being heard. Professional looking and powerful. We will work with you at your hotel to test coverage, find key locations and eradicate all blackspots with the use of repeaters and IP linking.


Linking members of your team across the hotel is invaluable, messages need to flow seamlessly from the back office or reception. Maintainance, housekeeping and managers can easily pass important messages or job requests between each other without knowing their exact location. This improve productivity massively and saves many wasted hours trying to track down a member of the team.

What do we recommend?

Firstly we can discuss your exact goals and requirements, how you want to improve your communications across the hotel. Sometimes depending on the size of the hotel we can then recommend a make and model of radio there and then. We would always allow you to test the radio we recommend on site prior to you committing to ordering. We always want to make sure you have the best product for your needs and budget. If a site visit is required we will attend at a time and date to suit you. We can test coverage on site and if needed find a suitable location for a repeater (base station) to be installed to achieve full indoors and outdoors coverage of your site. We are specialists in providing coverage where others have failed.

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