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About us

At RadioWarehouse we offer wholesale prices direct to the public. Using our buying power we can keep our prices low. If you've been quoted a price for new radios please take a look at our prices and see if we can save you money. We also offer an on-site installation service again at trade price. If you have been sent a cost for installation of a repeater or other radio equipment we will aim to beat it. Our wide range of products also means we can suggest alternative products that will be cheaper and give you more features, why wouldn't you want to save money? Not all radios are the same but many offer the same coverage and battery life then more expensive alternatives. Our live chat is open 8am-9pm 7days a week, you'll get a super fast response to any questions or quotes you may have.

At RadioWarehouse HQ we aim to give a personal service, especially to the other businesses in our location. RichmondNET is our wide-area coverage system, allowing users in and around the DL10 postcode to keep in touch. Ideal for taxi firms, skip hire and couriers. We also stock a range of amateur radio antennas and 2m/70cm transceivers, as well as cabling and installation accessories. Feel free to call us to see if we have the part or transceiver you want in stock. If not we will certainly order it in for you.

As well as selling we also offer two-way radio hire. Both short and long term. With local delivery and collection included in the cost of the hire we could save you a small fortune on hiring in from a non-local company. Speak to us today with your requirements for our best prices, give us a call on 01748 327527 or fill out the Contact Us form.

Frequently asked questions

Are you open market or linked to one brand?

We are completely open market, our specialists will only recommend the best radio to meet both requirement and budget. We haven't 'sold out' to sell one manufacturers product for a little extra discount! This gives us the ability to give truly honest and specialist advice to find you the best two-way radio to suit.

Do you offer site visits and demonstrations?

Yes! Well, sort of. At the moment it's tricky to visit every site and comply with the government and WHO advice on Covid-19 social distancing. Please get in touch if you need one of our specialists to come talk to you about a new or existing two-way radio system. If a site visit isn't appropriate or not safe to do we will send equipment to you to test for a week at your own leisure. We won't just force sell you equipment we're not sure will work without proper and full testing on-site.

We've got some unknown brand radios, can you make them work with new ones?

99.999% of the time the answer will be yes! Some brands that have popped up are completely readable using our state of the art equipment. This means we can extract the programming information and settings from them with ease allowing it to be transferred to new radios purchased from us. This includes DMR digital radios which have password protection on (we're probably one of the only companies who can overcome this in the UK). Some of the lesser known brands we have extracted programming information from include: Apex, Vitai, Opus, NRC, Baofeng, Tritan, Mitex and many more.

Licence free vs. Licensed radios

Licence Free Radios Licence free radios (as the name states) do not require an Ofcom licence to operate. Licence free radios (commonly known as 446 radios) are limited to 0.5w output power and the frequencies (channels) the devices use are shared. In essence you are sharing the channel you're using with other radio users in the area. Due to the low power output of licence free radios this isn't necessarily a problem as the signal doesn't travel very far. Small sites, primary schools, caravan sites and boating lakes normally get full site coverage with a licence free radio without interference from adjacent radio users in the area. This is not always the case, if you turn on a licence free radio in the centre of London or any other major city you will struggle to find a free channel. You'll be hearing taxis, motorcycle schools, building sites and sometimes the language is not what you want to be coming out of your radio! “If you are a remote, small site, licence free radios will be the best option” The most popular licence free radio we sell is the Motorola XT420. It's small, light, compact and cost effective. Licensed Radios If your site is spread out across multiple buildings, you have large open fields or in a newer type building with integrated steel supports in the walls you might want to look at analogue licensed radios as a starting point. Licensed radios are ten times more powerful than licence free radios (5w) giving them a lot more umph! As well as a much greater operating range licensed radios come with larger batteries and bigger speakers as standard. You will need an Ofcom licence to operate the radios on site, this costs just £75, covers you for as many radios as you like for use anywhere in the UK. It is renewable every 5 years direct with Ofcom. Don't worry though, we will do all the paperwork for you and assist with paying the first fee. We can activate licenses instantly so not to delay the delivery of your new radio system. Licensed radios are also more secure than licence free radios as the frequencies they use are not available to the public. Only business and educational organisations have access to the channels provided. We also program the radios in such a way to minimise any interference you will receive.

We have invested heavily in the latest push to talk over cellular (PoC) technology, this allows us to show you some of the latest wide-area coverage technology with the confidence of a thorough technical proficiency. We know what we're talking about. As well as supplying the best two-way radios in Richmond we also run RichmondNET which is a wide area coverage network allowing you to rent two-way radios from us for vehicles or handhelds coupled with massive coverage of the Richmondshire area. We can give you a custom proposal for your exact needs outlining coverage and how it will work for your business. Just give us a call or send an email to for more information.