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Walkie talkies are a valuable tool to any school. They allow instant two-way communication between key members of staff no matter where they are on site. Increase productivity and reduce wasted time searching around school for that member of staff you need to speak to. Sometimes it's vital to be in constant communications with the rest of the team, if you are lone working around vulnerable children radios give you that important communications link. Working with many schools we understand the main requirements when looking for a two-way radio. The product needs to be small, light and easy to carry, whilst also looking 'non threatening' as some teachers have told us traditional radios give certain pupils the image of power or authority. We have some ergonomically designed radios that look less authoritative that have been a hit with schools we deal with. All school purchase orders are accepted and an invoice is sent along with the goods.


We can provide radios that offer total privacy. Digital two-way radios allow us to encrypt your radio comms. Meaning no one can hear you and you won't get any interference from other radio users in the area, guaranteed. If you wish to talk more about what privacy can be offered or wish to test the radios for yourself on site (free of charge 7 day trial) please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to arrange this.

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Milton Park Primary School
"The radios are wonderful, easy to use and liked by the staff, we were well advised and dealt with by sales team”
Town Farm Primary School
(Hytera PD365)
“The one to one communication and text facility are very useful as was the initial trial to evaluate before buying”
Maltings School
(Motorola DP1400)
“Tried Hytera PD365’s first but decided on Motorola DP1400 found them very useful for site staff”

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St Oswalds CE Primary Academy


"The radios have been brilliant for the money hence why we placed an order for the additional ones, all the staff use them daily and  they have made a massive difference for the school” 


Carlton Bolling College


“We used to use Hytera that we bought from Specialist Radio but have moved over to Puma they are good little radios and really needed in the college, earpieces are great too”

Part of our ethos is to give back to community. We have currently donated over £2000 worth of two-way radio equipment to local schools to assist with social distancing during the Covid19 pandemic. We also accept all school and government purchase orders as standard and send an invoice with the goods, so no card payment needed.

We aim to support local charity events by offering discounted rates on two-way radio hire and custom packages to suit events and budgets.

We are also very interested in local sponsorship, if you have a team or event please get in touch to talk about options.

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