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CygCam is made up of a number of components. These will be either one or two cameras, a box containing all the electronics and finally there is an indicator light / record button.

CygCam Operation..

To turn the CygCam on, open the door of your vehicle or turn the ignition on. After a short (about 15 seconds) startup sequence, CygCam will record pictures and audio to memory. To signal that this has started, the indicator will flash red / green about once every second. Each flash shows that one photo has been taken.

Using the CygCam is simple as it automates most basic functions. Sequences of pictures and audio are stored when the door is opened or closed and when a fare starts or ends. Under normal use about one day’s history will be stored. The indicator will flash green during recording of these sequences.

Your dealer will show you where the record button has been positioned. This allows you to make longer recordings should you feel it necessary. Three minutes before this button is pressed and up to five minutes afterwards will be saved. Normally two of these sequences can be held on the memory card. The indicator will go red during one of these recordings.

CygCam arrives with software to be loaded on your or your dealer’s computer. This is used to access initial settings for the device and to help align the cameras. To check that the CygCam is working correctly, switch off the ignition and wait 20 seconds, then switch back on holding in the test switch. The CygCam will record pictures that may be viewed on any computer with a Compact Flash

During normal operation, the video stored on the CygCam is scrambled to ensure the best chance of a successful prosecution and to comply with licensing regulations. If access to these images is required, contact the police as soon as possible. Take them the removable memory card and they will contact Cygnus to extract the video.

For more information contact us on this link or call 01582 807552

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