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Radio Intercoms

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With Wireless-Com headsets, conventional two-way radios can easily be integrated into the intercom system, therefore allowing your intercom system to expand it’s communication
boundaries to those of the radio system. Intercoms

110/210/310/410 Radio Intercom Interface
The 110 radio intercom allows one four user wireless base to integrate one two-way radio allowing all four users (if required) to communicate over the two-way radio as well as in a conference.

The 210 intercom allows two four user wireless bases to integrate one two-way radio allowing all eight users (if required) to communicate over the two-way radio.

3010R/3020R Series Intercoms
The 3010R/3020R intercoms allow you to expand your Wireless-Com systems to enable either one or two two-way radios to integrate into the duplex intercom system. Up to six wireless bases can connect to the intercom with the facility to enable one user, i.e. the commander, to have priority over the two-way radio when using the PTT (press-to-talk) on the headset. Sophisticated electronics provide clear and complete communications without interference from background noise, while ensuring constant, secure communications with all user



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£340.00 + vat


Happy to quote - To order or discuss your individual requirements Call 01582 807552 where our staff will be happy to answer all your questions about the Sonetic wireless com system and provide an up to the minute competitive quotation. .

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