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Sonetics’ Wireless-Com headset systems are ideal when teams need to communicate clearly and efficiently, even in high noise and hazardous environments. Users have greater freedom to move around and are not restricted by wires or having to push buttons. Having both hands free allows them to carry out their tasks with greater safety and efficiency.
Headset for Icom angle conector


  • Wireless headsets allow greater freedom which increases efficiency

  • Full-duplex conference between users to improve safety and productivity

  • High attenuation headsets improve communications in high noise environments

  • Wireless belt packs allow wired headsets to be used to suit the environment you are in

  • Adjustable ‘mic gate’ allows headsets to be fine tuned to suit different noise environments

  • Up to 120 users on a system for great flexibility

  • Simple two-way radio integration allows compatibility to a radio network

  • Throat microphones can be used to allow use when using facemasks or HAZMAT clothing

  • Can be powered by 12 volt battery packs or in-car chargers to allow use in remote areas

  • Fully re-chargeable headsets and belt packs keep running costs low

  • Once headsets are paired to the wireless base you do not have to repair each time the system is turned on/off
Wireless-Com Full-duplex intercom headsets offer the user clear, hands free communications in the most demanding enviroments.
The high noise headsets offer excellent hearing protection with crystal clear voice communications whilst virtually eliminating all background noise. With conventional two-way radio systems only one person can talk at a time, whilst all the other users can only listen. In an emergency this can compromise safety. With the Wireless-Com headset systems, all users can talk in a conference together, greatly improving everyone’s personal safety and efficiency. No need to wait your turn to talk over the radio, simply join in the conference and communicate clearly and concisely. Downtime is reduced, whilst safety and efficiency are improved.
System Configurations (many more are possible)
FH-10S Headset The FH-10S is a single-ear radio transmit headset with a flex-style boom that rotates for left or right. The headset has an adjustable volume on a single dome and noise-canceling electret microphone.
UHW-10/20 Headset
Under-helmet radio transmit headset. Adjustable volume, noise-canceling electret microphone, adjustable headstrap, flex-style boom, comfortable liquid foam ear seals (PTT located on dome.) more>>
FHW-10 Headset
Over-head style wireless radio transmit headset. Noise-canceling electret microphone, flex-style boom, adjustable volume control, liquid foam ear seals (PTT located on dome.) more >>
Radio InterCom
With Wireless-Com headsets, conventional two-way radios can easily be integrated into the intercom system .more >>
Multi-user wireless base
Multiple headset base station accommodates up to four UHW/FHW series wireless headsets. more >>

The system allows up to 120 wireless headsets to connect in a duplex conference with a maximum range of 800 metres (depending on environment).


Prices start from £2845.00 + vat for a 4 user configeration, complete with 4 X FHW-10 Headsets and Base unit.


To order or discuss your individual requirements Call 01582 807552 where our staff will be happy to answer all your questions about the Sonetic wireless com system and provide an up to the minute competitive quotation. .


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