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Peltor Atex Approved Headsets

For over 50 years, Peltor has spearheaded the development of protection and communication systems for everyone who spends time in noisy environments. We are proud that we control the entire production chain – from concept and testing to the finished product. This guarantees quality for
our customers and the best technology to make optimal use of, and continue to expand, our broad experience. EEx solutions for extreme

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ATEX approved Headset

Atex Headset



Hearing or making yourself heard in extremely noisy environments isn’t easy. Giving and hearing detailed information and instructions is impossible without the right equipment.


Peltor’s new EEx-approved headset and Listen Only headset are designed to ensure clear, reliable communication even in extremely noisy environments, while providing the perfect hearing protection for the situation.


Approved under the ATEX directive with certification code:



  Two way communications Atex Approved 95_104db

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ATEX Approved Wireless Headset

Peltor tactical XP Flex headset

Peltor Wireless Solutions™ uses the latest Bluetooth technology to make communication in noisy environments easier and more effective. You can always be available – fast, easily and wirelessly.

Gone are the problems of the snagging cord, and you can use your telephone or com radio even when they’re not in sight.


Peltor Wireless Solutions™ isn’t just about headsets, it also includes adaptors for communication systems that don’t have built-in Bluetooth®. This allows Peltor to offer a wireless solution for nearly all communication systems.

EEx-approved headset according to ATEX Class:

II 2G Ex ia LLC T4
II 2G Ex ia LLC T4.II 2D Ex iaD T130
II 2G Ex ia LLC T4. l M1 Ex ia l

Bluethooth communications Two way communications Atex approved 95_104db

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ATEX Approved Listen only Headset

Peltor tactical XP Flex headset

  • High-attenuating shells with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears for the best possible sound quality and comfort.
  • Soft, wide, foam and fluid-filled ear cushions and individually sprung headband wires of stainless sprung steel provide an even and consistent distribution of pressure around the ears for the best possible comfort.


EEx-approved headset according to AEX Class:

II 2G Ex ia LLC T4

  Listen only Atex approved 95_104db

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Happy to quote - the communication headsets above are just a small selection of the Peltor range, If your requirement is not included, simply contact us or call on 01535 517070 where our staff will be happy to answer all your questions about Peltor Headsets and provide an up to the minute competitive quotation. .


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