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Sports Tac headset
First-class communication – despite hearing protectors! There was a time when wearing hearing protectors meant being isolated and out of contact. Those days are over. Today, Peltor offers first-class communication solutions that not only make your working day safer and more efficient, but also much nicer!


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Sordin Supreme Pro Headset
Our mission is to offer hearing protectors that reproduce a natural and realistic sound. You should have perfect locational hearing without any disturbing noise. Superb sound quality and high amplification actually let you hear better when wearing our hearing protectors. All our products in the Supreme range can withstand harsh environments. All moving components are made of steel and circuit boards are lacquered -therefore water protected. They also fold up and take a little space in in your pack.
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Sonetics wireless com
Sonetics’ Wireless-Com headset systems are ideal when teams need to communicate clearly and efficiently, even in high noise and hazardous environments. Users have greater freedom to move around and are not restricted by wires or having to push buttons. Having both hands free allows them to carry out their tasks with greater safety and efficiency.
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