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Do this at sales presentations and beat your competitors every time …

Before your next presentation, take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective clients. They will have to sit through many similar presentations, with every company claiming to be the best and making lots of promises. The client then has to decide which company stood out the most and can best meet their needs.

So here’s what you do to stand out: During your presentation take out your new Smart recorder SMART Patrol recorder and show the client how the PATROL ASSIST feature works and explain how it helps the guard perform more accurate patrols. Then get the client to hold the SMART recorder and show them how the supervisor can come along and use the SPOTCHECK feature to instantly check that the guard is performing the patrols as required.

Now, who do you think the client is going to award the contract to ... one of the ‘uninspiring’ companies making empty promises or to the innovative company that just demonstrated how they can meet their quality commitments and set themselves apart from their competitors? Congratulations, you just blew your competition out of the water and won the contract!



The PATROL ASSIST feature gives your guard a quick overview of the patrol at any time. The guard simply starts PATROL ASSIST at the beginning of each patrol and then at any time the guard can view the display to see the number of visits performed, the number of duplicate visits that may have occurred and the duration of the patrol.



The SPOTCHECK feature allows your supervisor to arrive at any time and perform an instant spot check on site. Using the keypad, the supervisor can quickly step through the patrols performed to check punctuality, accuracy and the time between visits to ensure the guard is performing as required

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