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img1.gifAffordability … Simplicity … Flexibility ...
Since its’ launch in 1993, the CheckPoint Guard Patrol System has set the standard for affordable, simple to use and flexible patrol monitoring systems.

CheckPoint is tough … Guaranteed ...
The CheckPoint data recorders are guaranteed waterproof and tough enough to survive. And, if one should ever leak or break, your 2 year warranty gets it fixed promptly at no cost.

Maintenance free ... 1
CheckPoint uses internal maintenance free re-chargeable batteries and boasts a unique fast charge system that guarantees your batteries are always in top condition.

Flexibility built in ...
As the CheckPoint data recorders are not programmed with any patrol information, the system is completely flexible. Any data recorder can be used by any guard on any site. It’s that simple.

Unique stations
5The stations are designed to withstand even the harshest weather with stainless steel contacts and boast a unique electonic number that cannot be duplicated or altered. Stations are available in two shapes with the slimmer lozenge shape specifically designed for door and window frames.

Checkpoint Pro32 Software ...
CheckPoints’ new professional report styles allow you to include your company logo and details on your reports to clients. And you can deliver them by email in PDF or Word format, saving you time and money and further enhancing your image.

An additional managers daily report provides a single days performance overview of all sites in the form of a percentage indicator, comparing actual patrols to required patrols for each client. In addition, the report shows the actual start and finish time of the patrols. This report allows you to quickly spot and target potentially troublesome sites or personnel and deal with them quickly and efficiently. Sometimes we are judged NOT on our mistakes but how we deal with them.

An improved shift time selection facility allows the choice of any shift pattern. Any start and finish time you want can be selected in 5 minute intervals. Previously you were restricted to the choice of two 24 hour shifts (midnight to midnight or midday to midday). A further selection gives you the choice of shift visits only or all visits.

Pro 32 is available on the standard Premier 16 bit software disc for a 30 day FREE TRIAL. The Pro32 software installs in under a minute and immediately uses your existing client and patrol data. If at the end of the trial you decide not to purchase, simply go back to your old version, nothing has changed, all your data is still there.




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