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Checkpoint data recorder
10 Great reasons to choose the
CheckPoint Guard Patrol System

The BEST VALUE for money

CheckPoint guard patrol system is not only very competitively priced, but we believe it is the 'best value' patrol system on the market today. To assess any system’s true value, all factors such as ruggedness, repair costs, repair times, software upgrades, support etc. must be taken into account. As you will see CheckPoint has looked at all the cost implications and put measures into place to control them for you, keeping your ongoing costs to a minimum and allowing you to expand your system with confidence.

Buy or Hire

The CheckPoint guard patrol system is available for hire as well as outright purchace. We keep a stock of Checkpoint Data recorder for hire, as well as GSM down loaders. Hires can be for one month or longer. They come complete with all the necessary operating software and are covered by our next day swap out service.
So why not get a On-line Quote now!

2 Year Equipment Warranty

All CheckPoint guard patrol equipment comes with a minimum 2 year warranty.

5 Year Battery Warranty

CheckPoint data recorders use rechargeable batteries to save you money and enable us to make the cases 100% tamperproof. If your battery fails within 5 years we’ll replace it free of charge. And the new battery comes with a new 5 year warranty.

Oval Checkpoint StationLifetime Stations Warranty

All CheckPoint guard patrol stations are guaranteed for life. If ever there’s a problem simply send it back and we’ll replace it free of charge.

CheckPoint equipment is tough, waterproof and tamperproof.

In this industry, your equipment just has to be tough. If it's not, then the repairs become costly and the down time jeopardises your service, strains your relationship with your customer and generally uses up lots of your valuable time.

CheckPoint’s tough reputation didn’t come about by accident ... when we designed the casing we knew that the standard plastics available were just not up to the job ... they were just not tough enough and they were very difficult to seal. We made our supplier search high and low until they found just the right plastic and glue combination to meet your needs. … and what a combination they found.
Checkpoint recorder in water
Under testing, the new recorder case has survived fifty drops onto solid concrete from a height of over 30 feet. The amazing glue they found ‘welds’

the case together to provide a completely waterproof and tamperproof seal. It seals so well we have to cut our way in if a repair is required. Again we’ve worked very hard so you can be confident that CheckPoint is tough enough for your environment.

FREE Software Updates.

Our goal is to continue to make CheckPoint guard patrol software the best software available. All of the 36 previous updates have included important features suggested by our customers. Ideas ranging from a trim database facility for managing the size of your data to additional report formats and the new Patrol Setup Wizard.

By listening to the people who are actually using the system day to day, we are continually improving the installation, speed, flexibility and features of the CheckPoint guard patrol software. This means that as soon as a new time saving idea arrives, we are working as fast as we can to bring you the benefits ... and your update is FREE.

No software restrictions

All versions of the CheckPoint guard patrol software can manage unlimited stations and clients. There are no restrictions.

Future Proof.

You can be confident that as the CheckPoint guard patrol system changes to incorporate new improved technologies, we will ensure compatibility and support for our older systems. You will never be forced to throw away your equipment -so you can stay one step ahead of your competition knowing your investment is safe. To show you how up to date we are we are about to release a new visual style software that makes managing your patrols much easier. We are also developing ways to use the Internet to get your data back to HQ as soon as the patrol is finished. This allows you to manage your guards far more effectively.

Fixed Prices for 2008.

Your prices will not increase during the Year 2008. CheckPoint has always been very competitive on prices and to date your CheckPoint guard patrol prices have not increased for five years. When we reviewed the prices in December 07, we were delighted to be able to hold them for you for another year. This guarantee means that we will have not increased some of our prices for over 13 years, giving you more than 38% saving in inflation terms alone. On-line Shop

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